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HRLF History
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  • Regina Corrao is president and Pat Moquin is Treasurer
  • Work begins on Small Groups and Emerging Leaders
  • Skunkworks II task force polls members
  • Over 100 members register for HRLF 30th Anniversary event on April 9th at Stonehurst in Waltham, MA
  • More to come!


  • Regina Corrao is president and Pat Moquin is treasurer
  • Books are given out at every program
  • Our May 13th program, Creating a Strong Performance Culture, led by Scott Keller and Carolyn Dewar of McKinsey & Company, has a record high attendance of 373
  • We experiment with G.G. boards, seating and earlier end times at programs
  • Salons (cafes) task force holds a free luncheon meeting for members in Foxborough
  • Membership Services and Marketing Committees are sunsetted
  • MORE Committee is established and led by Madeline Coffin
  • Sponsorship revenue almost doubles to $49,500
  • Reserve funds are moved at Fidelity to a fund that is conservative but offers better returns
  • Web site is redesigned and updated after each program with pictures from that program
  • Consultant, Kevin Whorton, conducts focus groups with members and brings research back to the board at a Strategic Offsite which informs future initiatives and funding
  • Skunkworks II ad hoc task force led by Marcie Schorr Hirsch is formed
  • HRLF leadership serves on a panel at NEHRA’s annual meeting on what you need to do to be a senior HR professional
  • Video testimonials are completed and incorporated into HRLF’s marketing efforts
  • Membership is at 412
  • Steve Frigand, Marcie Schorr Hirsch, Sue McKay and Bob Nicoson come off the board
  • Stephanie Franklin, Sue LaChance and Michael Messier join the board


  • Mary Jane Knudson is president and Pat Moquin is Treasurer
  • Membership is at 412
  • Marketing Committee experiments with advertising including attempting to reach more diverse prospective members
  • Finance Committee is formed and an investment policy is established
  • Career Center (job board) is introduced on HRLF’s web site
  • Skunkworks I ad hoc task force is created led by Pat Moquin to engage people within and outside HRLF network to find out how we can continue to provide services and opportunities to members and up and comers
  • Lisa Kelly-Croswell comes off the board
  • Dan Gauthier joins the board


  • Mary Jane Knudson is president and Pat Moquin is Treasurer
  • First Salon, led by Steve Frigand and Marcie Schorr Hirsch, is held on May 15th following our program
  • Diversity Ad Hoc task force is created led by Bob Nicoson
  • New association management system (AMS) inclusive of web site is rolled out resulting in dramatic increases in membership and conference registrations
  • Membership Services and Marketing Committees hold several joint meetings
  • Membership satisfaction survey is completed
  • Book sponsors are introduced
  • Membership Brochure is created
  • Bylaws are edited to include a President-Elect position
  • Membership is at 411
  • Donna Bonaparte and Louise Mallette come off the board
  • Madeline Coffin and Enio Velazco join the board


  • Mary Jane Knudson is president and Pat Moquin is Treasurer
  • HRLF selects new Association Management Company, McKenna Management, Inc.
  • President creates Governance I ad hoc task force to look at HRLF structure, meetings, processes
  • President creates Governance II ad hoc task force led by Lisa Kelly-Croswell to look at succession planning, nominations and onboarding
  • Marketing Committee works with Greater Boston high potentials
  • D&O Insurance is secured
  • Board self-assessment is completed
  • Another evening social is held at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum
  • Sponsorship Committee, led by Peter Pedro, rolls out new sponsorship program
  • Membership is at 293


  • Cathy Welsh is president and Pilar Pueyo is treasurer
  • Joint Study with Mercer developed
  • Programs and activities institutionalized: New members called and welcomed; New member welcome meetings; All guests called; Talent Bank used
  • First after work sponsored event at the DeCordova was very well received
  • Sponsored 25th Anniversary Party event at The Auto  Museum is very successful
  • Nominating and Succession Planning is integrated into the work of the Board
  • Trudy Hanes goes off the board


  • Cathy Welsh president and Tom Webber treasurer
  • Entered into an Enterprise Relationship with HRPS; HRLF paid $5,000 for a set of benefits; HRLF makes a two year commitment to HRPS for the Enterprise Relationship
  • Programs are all lined up by the middle of October, which enabled the promotion of the programs, PR releases, sponsorship and bookmarks.
  • Marketing Committee begins focused groups to understand better the underrepresented industries and minorities
  • Marketing committee develops two questionnaires which they hoped would produce interesting results and a possible article
  • Held two strategic off-sites
  • Membership Services Committee establish small group discussions before the program
  • A Talent Bank is established
  • An HRLF LinkedIn page is established
  • Going off the board is Joe Andrews, Ellen Glanz, Ginger Gregory, and Tom Webber
  • Coming onto the board is Laurie Margolies, Sue McKay, Pat Moquin, Bob Nicoson, Pete Pedro and Eileen Sweeney


  • Cathy Welsh president, and Tom Webber treasurer
  • All new members are called and welcomed by the Membership Services Committee
  • Guests are called after the program by Membership Services committee members
  • Membership Services Committee established twice annual new member welcome meetings before the program run by the members of the membership services committee
  • Marketing Committee co-chaired by Nancy Mobley and Louise Mallette
  • The Membership Services Committee is chaired by Donna Bonaparte
  • The Member Survey was completed
  • Going off the board is Claire Muhm and Nancy Mobley
  • Coming onto the board Regina Corrao, Steve Frigand, Lisa Kelly-Croswell, and Pilar Pueyo


  • Marcie Schorr Hirsch president
  • Marketing, Membership, Products and Services Committee split into two committees: the Marketing Committee which is externally focused on getting the word out about HRLF; the Membership Services Committee which is internally focused on membership needs
  • Dialogue began about buy-in to the Enterprise Relationship with HRPS
  • Outreach area builds momentum around four areas:
    -Supporting the Boston Private Industry Council
    -Supporting the Crittendon’s Women Union
    -Providing consulting through the Executive Service Corps
    -Responding to crises when needed
  • The Career Transition group continues with Fred Studley as the facilitator
  • Transition relief on dues for members in transition continues
  • Advertising company is hired to update the website which is completed by the fall.
  • Going off the board is Lisa Brown, Tom Finnerty and Craig Saline
  • Coming onto the board is Louise Mallette, Donna Bonaparte and Ginger Gregory


  • Marcie Schorr Hirsch, President
  • Small group book discussions established
  • Website developer hired
  • Website editor volunteer from BOD
  • Decision to have “Member in the News” section on the website
  • Budget came in with a very positive net income
  • Committee chairs submitted budgets for activities for the first time
  • The number of volunteers significantly increased
  • Mission statement and description of HRLF values rewritten
  • Draft of Operational plan developed
  • Activity with HRPS increased
  • Post half day program luncheons established
  • Outreach/Community Relations Committee established
  • Successful collaborative membership mailing with Gatti & Associates
  • Decision made and implemented to sell books to members for $15. This was successful
  • Page Palmer, Jamie Toale and Lisa Zankman go off the Board, Donna Bonaparte, Nicki Roth and Cathy Welsh join the Board for 2007


  • Marcie Schorr Hirsch and Lisa Zankman, co-Presidents (First co-presidency)
  • MMPS designed, administrated and analyzed a Member Survey
  • MMPS designed a direct mail campaign that brought in 93% of the new members in 2005, and 2% of the renewals.
  • BOD members increased to 15 for 2006
  • Bylaws revised
  • Reached 5 year goal in 1 year of 6 months reserves
  • 5 of the 7 programs were sponsored
  • Edward Baker-Greene goes off the Board, and Mary Jane Knudson, Trudy Hanes and Tom Finnerty join the Board


  • Claire Muhm President
  • Page Palmer installed as first Treasurer
  • Name of Association changed from Human Resource Management Group to Human Resource Leadership Forum
  • New policy established – New members in transition can pay the dues in two installments
  • HRLF, via Program Committee, sponsored ½ day program of HRIHM, local chapter, providing a speaker(BOD members) and promotion
  • Sponsorship Committee – lines up 3 sponsors for 2005
  • Outreach Committee:
    1. successfully structured the work with business development volunteers, account management volunteer, and volunteers who actually did the consulting work.
    2. successfully completed the work with the Boston YMCA
    3. successfully completed work with a small agency
  • MMPS Committee: - successfully developed the second Member Satisfaction Survey
  • Dues increased to $600 for 2005; first raise since 2000
  • Follow-up note sent to guests after attendance at programs
  • HRLF & HRPS continue to build a collaborative relationship
  • Association Manager serves on HRPS Joint Processing Task Force
  • Nancy Yahanda and Ed Hurley-Wales go off the BOD
  • Edward Baker-Greene, Nancy Mobley and
  • Craig Saline join the BOD for 2005


  • Claire Muhm President
  • “Career Seeker” group becomes the Career Services Committee
  • Development of the Career Services Committee and program offerings: bi-monthly peer-to-peer group meetings; bi-monthly career enrichment seminars; monthly hosted HRPS teleseminars yearly ½ day program on career development
  • Addition of SRG to member benefits
  • Decision to adopt sponsorship program
  • New name HRLF Leadership Forum adopted to be launched 1/1/04 with tag line “A Learning Community for HR Leaders”
  • Domain names and purchased
  • Outreach Committee formed and made initial recommendations to BOD
  • Technology Committee engaged services of new webmaster and created an improved website
  • Policy established - 50% dues relief for HRLF members in transition
  • Sponsorship Committee established; Mercer Human Resource Consulting the first sponsor
  • Outreach Committee formed and made initial recommendations to the BOD
  • Program Committee increased to a three member committee: Doug, Claire and Ellen
  • Finance/Ops Committee established
  • Treasurer position established and filled
  • By-laws updated
  • When permitted, speaker’s presentations posted on the HRLF website
  • Ron Gibson and Page Palmer went off the BOD
  • Joe Andrews and Dennis Colling join the BOD


  • Claire Muhm President
  • BOD Marketing & Membership Committee and Products & Services Committees established, then merged to become the Marketing/Membership/Products/Services Committee (MMPS)
  • MMPS BOD Committee begins vision/mission work with expanded committee including members, volunteer experts in communications and direct marketing
  • Finance/Admin Committee established
  • Initial BOD discussion of “HRMG Seekers” a three member group of people in transition seeking employment
  • New dues rate established for members in transition: 50% of regular $500 fee and paid in two installments
  • Initiation of half-year memberships at $250
  • Non-Commercialism statement added to program roster handout
  • Member survey designed and implemented
  • Creation of BOD Sponsorship Committee
  • Consolidation of Committee Structure - Technology Committee; Marketing, Membership, Products & Services (MMPS); Finance/Admin Committee, Program Committee
  • HRLF BOD liaison to HRPS established
  • Change of webmaster - Website redesigned
  • Policy set for members to bring one guest a year at no cost
  • When permitted by speaker, presentation posted on the website
  • Annual Meeting changed from evening to ½ day morning program
  • Linda Pine and John Brannen go off the BOD
  • Jamie Toale and Tom Webber join the BOD


  • Ellen Glanz President
  • New Association Management Company hired on 1/29 – Drysdale Lee
  • Successful New Member Orientation Luncheon
  • Database restructure
  • Online Membership Directory
  • Financial Model restructure
  • Electronic communication with members re: dues billing, programs and reminders
  • Record attendance of 182 at Peter Block program
  • Record attendance of 57 at Peter Block afternoon workshop
  • Outside facilitator for Board Retreat
  • Start of new website design and functionality
  • Expansion of Board/Admin Technology Committee to include 5 HRMG members
  • Technology Committee designs new member profile/application form
  • New logo designed and approved
  • Operational plan developed and approved


  • Ellen Glanz President
  • Membership fees increase to $500
  • Credit card option offered for payments
  • Bylaws approved
  • Welcome to new members added to traditional “Farewell” to outgoing Board
  • New Association Manager hired 7/1
  • Library privileges investigated


  • Ellen Glanz President
  • Membership fees increase to $400
  • Membership at 437 (all time high)
  • Development by President of Board priorities
  • Board extended to 13 members
  • Mission statement solidified
  • Diversity/Inclusion Task Force formed
  • Decision to target non-traditional companies
  • Board started calling to welcome new members
  • Survey on renewal form: why renew/what could do better
  • Web site finalized
  • 3rd scholarship of $2500 awarded
  • Dialogue Luncheon 11/99
  • Books given as free handout to attendees at meetings
  • HRPS interactive session with conference keynoters 3/99
  • HRPS Global village activity- with Australia 5/99


  • Larry Gibson President
  • Scholarships at $1,000 each awarded to
  • 2 grad students with HR concentration
  • Books sold at Dave Ulrich meeting
  • Developed strategic plan
  • Research project discussed as well as focus groups
  • Started to pay for speakers
  • Formalized process and criteria for selecting Board Members and President


  • Larry Gibson President
  • Membership fees increased from $200 (the rate for 7 years) to $325
  • Dave Ulrich kick off
  • Mission statement discussed
  • Criteria for board and president is developed


  • Larry Gibson President
  • Two-day conference at Hyatt in Cambridge, co-sponsored with HRPS
  • Bookseller at May meeting
  • Program Committee formed
  • Board extended to 12 members
  • Decision made to invest excess cash in Fidelity equity market funds


  • Bob Gatti President
  • Membership increased to over 350 from 285
  • 1st annual meeting held/members only evening reception
  • 1st strategic planning session of board  
  • Name changed legally under Articles of Amendment to The Human Resource Management Group, Inc.
  • IRS awards federal tax-exempt status as 501(c)(6)
  • Annual Reports for Corporations from 1985 to present filed with Commonwealth of MA


  • Bob Gatti President
  • Membership increases from 154 to 285
  • Bruce Katcher engaged to assist with survey on key attributes of HR
  • Fred Foulkes named as first (and only) Honorary member


  • J. Oppenheim President
  • 1st Association Manager hired – Anne Lauriat
  • 4th all day conference held using Bob Gatti mailing list
  • Targeted membership mailing for 1994


  • J. Oppenheim President
  • Informal name change to The Human Resource Management Group
  • “Classes” develop for Board, allowing rotation off


  • J. Oppenheim President
  • Bob Gatti joins Board and offers lists for program mailings and membership
  • New membership brochure designed
  • Targeted membership campaign begun
  • Fee raised to $200 from $100 but includes program sessions
  • HRPS develops affiliate structure; Judy Oppenheim involved
  • Budget operated at a loss


  • J. Oppenheim President
  • Board criteria established, number increased from 8 to 9
  • Fee waived for Board members
  • Membership outreach begins


  • J. Flint Nikka President
  • Membership at 57, poor attendance at meetings
  • Talk of dissolution/viability of group
  • Survey of membership in the fall
  • Doug Adams joins Board
  • Informal name change to New England Human Resource Management Group (NEHRMG)
  • New tax ID # obtained from IRS 


  • J. Flint Nikka President
  • 48 members


  • J. Bongiardina President


  • David Montross President
  • Articles of Incorporation filed in Massachusetts as: New England Human Resources Planning Group (NEHRPG)   


  • Doug Adams forms the group

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