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Diversity & Inclusion Task Force
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Committee Members:

Mike Dunford, Chair

Erin Cowhig

Kerry Field

Dawn Frazier-Bohnert

Karen Gobler

Diane Green

Cheryl Haynes

Lisa Levey


Heatherjean MacNeil

Carol Malysz

Jim Monatgue

Alex Paz

Chandler Ruehrwein

Andrea Sinclair 

Jane Tuohy

Elisa van Dam


Diversity & Inclusion Committee Charter


Purpose (Why):


The purpose of the HRLF Diversity & Inclusion Committee is to assist the organization in advancing its Diversity & Inclusion agenda by establishing a framework for action that includes several goals across the areas of our members, our partners, our programs and our leadership.


The committee will establish realistic and measurable goals, with input from board leadership, headquarters and members, and monitor and report results against those goals to the Board on a semi-annual basis.


Goals (What):


  1. Establish an HRLF Diversity & Inclusion Committee comprised of five (5) interested members and co-led by two members of the HRLF Board by December 2017.
  2. Improve the diversity representation on the HRLF Board of Directors in 2017, using the current composition as a baseline.
  3. Improve the diversity of HRLF membership using the current state membership data as a baseline.
  4. Plan and deliver one impactful and relevant program to the HRLF membership on a diversity and inclusion related topic in 2018.
  5. Create and deliver an electronically delivered member survey question set with diversity related index that measures our progress in D&I. By March 2018 deliver the survey to establish a baseline and plan for annual delivery of the survey in 2019 and 2020. Share results from 2018 survey with HRLF Membership by June 2018.
  6. Communicate the organization’s focus on the D&I area to all members to include details about this committee and the established goals by December 2017.

Committee Composition and Terms:


The HRLF Diversity & Inclusion Committee will be comprised of seven members – all members of the committee must be HRLF members in good standing; five (5) members will be from the broader HRLF membership; and two members will be current HRLF Board Members.


In 2018, The Committee will be co-chaired by two members of the HRLF Board – one serving a one-year term, and the second serving a two-year term to ensure continuity of leadership. Thereafter, co-chairs terms will be staggered two-year terms.


Of the five members from the HRLF membership, in 2018:

  • Two will serve a two-year term

  • Three will serve a one-year term

Each year thereafter, members will serve staggered two year terms. Each term can be renewed no more than one time at the sole discretion of the HRLF Board.


Committee members will be identified by the Chair(s) of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and presented to the HRLF Board with consideration given to interest, current role, experience and leadership in the D&I area within a company. The Committee Chair(s) will be looking for thought leaders and practitioners who can assist in establishing and maintaining the focus on and advancement of the D&I agenda at HRLF.


Nature & Organization of the Team’s Work (How):


The HRLF Diversity & Inclusion Committee will meet at a minimum on a quarterly basis. There may be additional meetings called by either of the Co-Chairs depending on necessity to advance the D&I Goals. .  The schedule of standing meetings for the year will be established at the first meeting.


The agendas for the Committee’s meetings will be established by the Committee Chairs and sent to the entire committee, ideally, one week prior to each meeting. Agenda items will include reports on the progress towards established goals for the year


Notes will be taken at each committee meeting.  The Committee Chair(s) will supply a report on the work of the committee for each board meeting (verbal or written) based on the board Chair’s request.


One Committee meeting may be held in conjunction with an HRLF Board Meeting (as schedules permit) and include any items needing board approval or action


The Committee will work with the organization to emphasize and manage the integration of a Diversity & Inclusion lens in all organization communications to include outreach to members, the HRLF Website, the HRLF Brand, Leadership Messaging and social/digital media.


Committee Meeting Schedule:



4 Lan Drive Suite 310 Westford, MA 01886
978-256-0960 (phone) | 978-250-1117 (fax)